Retail & Service businesses in the U.S. did $3.9 Trillion in Sales in 2017

Connect with the other boutiques and barbers in your community to run your business more smoothly. Share your knowledge with the community to build the businesses around you.

We are already a tight-knit community, but we’ve really been able to come together to improve our community.


One app to connect your community.

The ideal communication tool for businesses, Weird Street connects service businesses and retailers as a community so you can:

  • Alert the other business owners of a crime in the area

  • Share resources and knowledge

  • Coordinate events and create partnerships

  • Work with the city


Crystal-clear communication

Only businesses in your local-area can communicate with you and conversations are organized by topics that can be public or private. Weird Street is free for individual businesses. You can form organizations with premium features with the organization plan. 




New ways to help you grow.

There’s a world of powerful services and networks waiting for you—and your Weird Street account open new doors and opportunities.



Grow your business through the network of trusted businesses. Bring in new business by getting involved.



Nothing helps a business grow more than getting the best people on your team to create something amazing. 


Community Outreach

By asking questions or providing answers to the group, you can become the expert and people will seek you out.


Connect with your local business community