Questions we get all the time.

Learn how to get started, how Weird Street works, how we are helping local business communities thrive.

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Who is Weird Street for?

Weird Street is exclusively for small businesses and their communities. That includes merchants associations, chambers of commerce, trade associations, coalitions and tight knit business districts.

How are communities created?

Each community is created by a business group or a business that has signed up in your area. They will become the administrator and create the boundaries for the community.

How much does Weird Street cost?

$0. Free. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. The Weird Street communication platform is free for all business who join. We have freemium packages with enhanced features, as well as providing services, but both the freemium and the services platform are in early beta testing.

Where is Weird Street Available?

Weird Street is currently only operating in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas... for now. We are rapidly expanding to new cities. You can join our newsletter to get informed when we expand to your area.

How can Weird Street help our community?

Communication is vital to building and developing a strong community. But communication can get out of hand when you're using email, texts, and calls to coordinate meetings, and make decisions. Weird Street brings all that communication into one single place where all communication, questions, and documents can be seen by all and are searchable. We also organize the communication into specific topics so your communication can stay on track. Weird Street saves you tons of time, unites the community through knowledge sharing, and gives you the ability to quickly inform everyone of urgent issues.